Ukrain No Benefit in Rats


Effect of intermittent three-month treatment with different doses of Ukrain on subregional femoral bone mineral density of sexually mature female rats.

Sexually mature but still growing female Wistar rats received i.p. injections of Ukrain (7, 14 or 28 mg/kg in a volume of 0.5 ml/100g) every other day for 10 days, followed by a 10-day break, and this procedure was performed five times. The control animals received the same volume of injected water. At the end of the experiment the rat right femora were harvested and the bone densitometric parameters of the entire bone, distal metaphyseal and basicervical subregions were assessed using the dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) densitometric method. No significant changes were observed in the bone mineral density in experimental groups in comparison with control animals that received the vehicle. A slight decrease in the bone mineral content value was observed in the distal metaphyseal region in animals that were treated with the highest dose of Ukrain.

Gorzelak M, Jabłoński M, Patyra M, Jagiello-Wójtowicz E
Drugs Exp Clin Res 1998
PMID: 10190094