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Grapefruit Improves Bone Quality in Orchidectomized Rats Again


Grapefruit juice modulates bone quality in rats.

Hypogonadism and oxidative stress increase the risk for developing osteoporosis. The objective of this research was to evaluate the efficacy of drinking grapefruit juice on bone quality in orchidectomized (ORX) and non-ORX rats. Fifty-six 90-day-old male Sprague-Dawley rats were equally divided into four groups–non-ORX rats (sham), sham + grapefruit juice, ORX, and ORX + grapefruit juice–and treated for 60 days. Thereafter, all rats were sacrificed to determine the plasma antioxidant status, insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), and indices of bone turnover, bone quality, and calcium and magnesium concentrations in the bone, urine, and feces. Orchidectomy decreased (P < .05) antioxidant status, bone quality, and bone mineral contents and increased (P < .05) indices of bone turnover, urinary deoxypridinoline, calcium, and magnesium, and fecal calcium excretions. In contrast to the ORX group, ORX rats that drank grapefruit juice had an increase (P < .05) in antioxidant status, bone density, and bone mineral contents, delayed femoral fracture, and slowed down (P < .05) bone turnover rate and tended to have a decrease (P = .08) in urinary deoxypridinoline. In sham-treated animals, drinking grapefruit juice increased (P < .05) bone density and tended to increase the femoral strength. The concentration of IGF-I in the plasma was not affected across treatments. In conclusion, drinking grapefruit juice positively affected bone quality by enhancing bone mineral deposition in ORX rats and by improving bone density in non-ORX rats via an undefined mechanism.

Deyhim F, Mandadi K, Faraji B, Patil BS
J Med Food Mar 2008
PMID: 18361744

Grapefruit Improves Bone Quality in Orchidectomized Rats


Grapefruit pulp increases antioxidant status and improves bone quality in orchidectomized rats.

Orchidectomy causes oxidative stress and increases the incidence of osteoporosis. The objective of this research was to evaluate whether eating grapefruit pulp (GP) modifies antioxidant status and reduces osteoporosis in orchidectomized rats.
Fifty-six 90-d-old male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomized into two groups: sham-control group (n = 14) and orchidectomized (ORX) group (n = 42). The orchidectomized group was equally divided among the following three treatments: orchidectomy, orchidectomy + 5.0% GP, and orchidectomy + 10% GP. At the termination of the study (day 60), all rats were euthanized and the plasma was collected for antioxidant status and indices of bone turnover. Bone quality and mineral contents in the bone, urine, and feces were evaluated.
Orchidectomy lowered (P < 0.05) antioxidant status, bone quality, bone mineral contents and elevated (P < 0.05) indices of bone turnover, urinary deoxypyridinoline, and fecal calcium excretion. In contrast to the ORX group, independent of dosage, antioxidant status, bone density, and delayed time-induced femoral fracture were higher (P < 0.05) in the GP groups, whereas fecal calcium excretion and urinary deoxypyridinoline excretion were lowered (P < 0.05). GP dose-dependently slowed down bone turnover (P < 0.05), elevated bone calcium and magnesium contents (P < 0.05), tended to lower urinary excretion of magnesium, and numerically improved bone strength.
The beneficial effects of eating red grapefruit on bone quality of ORX rats is due to bone mineral deposition and slowed-down bone turnover.

Deyhim F, Mandadi K, Patil BS, Faraji B
Nutrition Oct 2008
PMID: 18595661