Berberine Increases Bone Density in Rats


Effect of berberine on bone mineral density in SAMP6 as a senile osteoporosis model.

The effects of berberine in senescence accelerated mice P6 (SAMP6) were investigated to learn whether the alkaloid affects bone mineral density (BMD). Oral administration of berberine (10 mg/kg/d) to male and female mice for 22 weeks resulted in an increase in BMD in both sexes. A decreased concentration of deoxypyridinoline (Dpd) in urine was only observed in female mice. There was no effect on body or tibia weight or on the concentration of procollagen type I carboxyterminal extension peptide (PICP) in serum.

Li H, Miyahara T, Tezuka Y, Tran QL…
Biol. Pharm. Bull. Jan 2003
PMID: 12520186 | Free Full Text