Taurine Increases Markers of Bone Growth in Human and Mouse Osteoblasts


Taurine transporter is expressed in osteoblasts.

Taurine influences bone metabolism and is taken up by cells via a specific transport system, the taurine transporter (TAUT). We report a link between taurine and bone homeostasis by demonstrating transcription and translation of TAUT in bone-forming cells. TAUT was expressed in human primary osteoblasts, the human osteosarcoma osteoblast-like cell line MG63, and the mouse osteoblastic cell line MC3T3-E1. Immunostaining with polyclonal antibodies also demonstrated the presence of TAUT in both human and murine osteoblasts. TAUT mRNA expression and [(3)H]taurine uptake increased during differentiation of MG63 cells in culture. Supplementation of culture medium with taurine enhanced alkaline phosphatase activity and osteocalcin secretion. The regulation and detailed function of taurine and TAUT in bone remain unclear, but our findings suggest a functional role for them in bone homeostasis.

Yuan LQ, Xie H, Luo XH, Wu XP…
Amino Acids Sep 2006
PMID: 16729199