Rutin Effects Likely from Quercetin


[Comparative study on effects of rutin and quercetin on metabolism in osteoblast cells].

To investigate the mechanism of rutin and its aglycone (quercetin) in preventing and treating osteoporosis and their effects on stimulating bone formation were studied comparatively in osteoblast cells.
The effects of rutin and quercetin on the proliferation, differentiation and mineralization were studied respectively by using tetrazolium (MTT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and mineralized nodules assays in newborn rat calvarial osteoblast (ROB) cells.
Quercetin showed significant stimulatory effects on proliferation and mineralization in ROB cells, so it could promote bone formation. However, rutin could not improve stimulation of bone formation because it increased proliferation and inhibited differentation and had no remarkable influence on ROB cells in vitro.
Rutin showed less activity than quercetin on bone formation in ROB cells in vitro. Therefore the mechanism that some foods and traditional Chinese medicine containing rutin can prevent and treat osteoporosis is that its metaboite in vivo can promote bone formation in ROB cells.

Yang YJ, Yang ZL, Wang DC, Xiao XC…
Zhong Yao Cai May 2006
PMID: 16981462

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