Review: Protein, Calcium, Vitamins D, C, K, and Fruits and Veggies in Osteoporosis


The role of diet in osteoporosis prevention and management.

Diet, a modifiable osteoporosis risk factor, plays an important role in the acquisition and maintenance of bone mass. The influence of diet on bone begins in childhood; even maternal diet can influence bone mass in the offspring. A good general nutritional status and adequate dietary protein, calcium, vitamin D, fruits, and vegetables have a positive influence on bone health, while a high caloric diet and heavy alcohol consumption have been associated with lower bone mass and higher rates of fracture. The evidence for a role of other minerals and vitamins in skeletal health is not as strong, but recent evidence suggests that vitamins C and K might also have an effect on bone.

Levis S, Lagari VS
Curr Osteoporos Rep Dec 2012
PMID: 23001895