Review: MK-4 Stimulates Osteoblasts


[Effect of vitamin K on bone material properties].

Collagen cross-links are determinants of bone quality. Because vitamin K is thought to ameliorate bone quality, we summarized the literature regarding the effect of vitamin K such as menatetorenone (MK-4) on bone matrix property in the review. MK-4 seems to stimulate the osteoblastic activity. This results in the increase in collagen accumulation and lysyl oxidase controlled enzymatic cross-links in bone. Furthermore, vitamin K stimulates the secretion of collagen binding protein regulating proper fibrillogenesis such as leucine-rich repeat protein (tsukushi). This kinds of non-collagenous proteins induced by the treatment of vitamin K may also affect proper collagen cross-link formation and show the favorable effect on bone material quality.

Saito M
Clin Calcium Dec 2009
PMID: 19949271