Resveratrol + Enalapril Improves Microcirculation and Prevents Microfractures in Rats


[Comparative evaluation of the osteoprotective effects of resveratrol and resveratrol/enalapril combination in the treatment of experimental osteoporosis].

The osteoprotective effect of resveratrol and a combination of resveratrol with enalapril has been investigated in white Wistar female rats with experimental osteoporosis. It is established that, in rats after ovariectomy, the endothelial dysfunction of microcirculation vessels of the osteal tissue is developed, resulting in the occurrence of osteoporosis. Resveratrol and the combination of resveratrol with enalapril prevented depression of the microcirculation level in the osteal tissue, thus preventing the thinning of osteal trabecules and preventing their microfractures.

Faĭtel’son AV, Koklina NIu, Gudyrev OS, Dubrovin GM…
Eksp Klin Farmakol 2012
PMID: 22834128