Hello and welcome to Osteoporosis-Studies. As my About page says, my name is Terry. I’m here to collect studies on treatments for osteoporosis. I’m most interested in treatments that are not only safe and effective, but preferably good for overall health.

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  1. Anne Cullen

    Thank you, Terry, for making such a huge effort on this subject. I’m just starting to look seriously at osteoporosis, as I haven’t managed to reverse the declining density of my bones, despite long-term interest, excellent overall health etc.
    I don’t know if you’ve seen this research – “Reversal of cognitive decline through metabolic enhancement” 9/27/14, Dr Dale Breseden dbredesen@mednet.ucla.edu;dbredesen@buckinstitute.org – but I like the approach. What he succeeds in doing is reverse a trend (in this case, worsening dementia) by applying multiple therapies at the same time in order to get below a threshold/flip a switch. He actually mentions osteoporosis, but, frustratingly, doesn’t cite any research. I’d be really interested to know if you’ve seen anything resembling this approach.
    Meanwhile thanks again, Anne

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